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    Why would my garage door randomly open

    It’s unsafe to have a garage door that opens without your permission.

    If you can’t have complete control of your door, what makes it safe to protect your home?

    There are many reasons these cases occur.

    It’s best to attend to the following reasons than to find out one day that you have an invaded home.

    Conduct a garage door inspection to keep your peace of mind.

    You don’t know how other people can open the door without you during the day and make your home vulnerable.

    If you need extra hands to safeguard your garage, don’t hesitate to call our team.

    We have all experience setting the door controls and figure out why it opens by itself.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we can help you close your doors properly.

    It only fits to be scared and concerned about an unsolicited door control; however, you don’t need to worry about reliable service.

    There are many causes as to why it seems like the garage door has a mind of its own.

    You may start questioning: why would my garage door randomly open out of nowhere?

    We are here, and we have detected and figured out so many causes to this case.

    The garage door is an old model

    Old garage doors are built with a different model.

    Newer innovations in garage doors enable more codes in the security system of the garage door.

    If you have a garage door model from before 1993, it’s programmed with positioning clips.

    Positioning clips have fewer possible code combinations.

    Your garage door may have the same code as the next-door garage door that’s also as old as yours.

    It’s a rare occurrence, but it is possible, and when it does happen, you have to consider upgrading to a new garage door.

    The remote control or wall switch is faulty

    Worn out remote controls can get damages over time.

    If one of the buttons doesn’t pop out of place after you press it, it can trigger the garage door to open.

    It’s one of the most common causes of the issue that requires remote control replacement.

    Check the wall switch as well.

    If you don’t check it from time to time, there might be dirt in the mechanism that causes it to trigger the open function.

    In both cases, check the control switches and decide if you need to replace them or maintain their condition.

    There is interference in the area

    Do you have new neighbors in the area?

    They might be the ones controlling your garage door.

    If they have the same frequency as your new neighbor, they can signal your garage door to open anytime.

    The same frequency can make the garage more accessible to the next-door home.

    The only thing you need to do with this problem is to reprogram your garage door opener frequency.

    You do not need to ask your neighbor to replace their garage door with a different one.

    A recent thunderstorm or lightning strike hit the area

    Did your area undergo an extreme storm recently?

    It might be the power surges messing with the circuits of your power boards.

    Expect some impairment to the wirings as well.

    It affects your garage doors since power surges can bring in damages to your garage door system.

    It’s not exactly a DIY to fix a damaged electrical circuit for your home.

    You need to book professional repairs from experienced technicians.

    The sensors are not aligned well

    The photo-eyes of the garage door are safety measures for the garage.

    It prevents the garage door from crushing anything that obstructs the path.

    However, misaligned sensors can cause your garage door to think that there is always something blocking the path.

    Your sensors will make your garage door think that it shouldn’t close because there is something in the way.

    Adjust the garage door sensors so you can see your garage door settle down.

    After aligning the sensors, the garage door should roll down smoothly.

    Reprogram or repair your garage door with our team of experienced garage door technicians. We are always available to give our services.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we are a team of experienced specialists in garage doors.

    There are plenty of causes as to why your garage door would randomly open.

    Good news!

    We can help you fix your problem.

    We can help you reprogram and reconfigure your garage door openers to ensure that your garage doors are always closed.

    You don’t need to feel like you can’t trust your garage door to keep your home safe.

    The reason you installed a garage door is to give additional protection and accessible entry for your garage.

    Let’s maintain the condition of your garage door and program it to be at your full control.

    Please book an appointment with one of our specialists!

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