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    Why does my garage door open by itself

    Have You Asked Yourself Your Garage Door Opens By Itself?

    This video might explain why:

    Many dangers can happen in your garage.

    You may experience a fragile garage door that can fall any time or a motor that starts to smoke up.

    However, there is one annoyance that can raise a lot of safety concerns in your garage.

    A garage door that opens without control can be equally as harmful as a fragile door.

    You are inviting property burglaries and home invasions to your household.

    If your garage is an access point to your residence, anybody can lift it and control it.

    No matter the concern, it’s best to figure out the cause.

    Why does my garage door open by itself?

    Let this guide help you so you can figure out the right course of action that is stirring up your garage door for no reason.

    Check the garage door remote or wall switch

    One of the reasons you have an uncontrollable garage door is because of the remote or wall switch.

    Worn-out remotes can have stuck buttons that signal the garage door to open.

    When your garage door opens whenever you’re nearby, the remote might be the culprit of the issue.

    Also, check the wall switches of the garage door.

    The controls tend to loosen up over time or garner dirt and grime, making the controls more prone to keeping the door open.

    Maintain the access points of the garage door so you have a fully controlled garage door.

    Inspect for nearby interference

    Did you recently have new neighbors around the residence?

    Their new garage door or other gadgets may have caused the garage door to open by itself.

    Identical frequencies and signals from the nearby neighbor can control your garage door.

    This is usually the case for older garage door models, but it is not impossible.

    The solution is to have a reprogram of the garage door transmitters so you can set the new code that works only on your remotes.

    A proper reprogram should do the trick for newcomers in the area interfering with the garage doors.

    Here’s a Video Explaining How To Fix a Garage Door Opening By Itself

    Examine the safety sensors of the garage door

    Garage doors have a safety measure to keep the doors from squashing objects.

    The safety sensors are placed on the foot of the garage door.

    Two issues can occur with the sensors: obstruction and misalignment.

    When there is an obstruction in the pathway of the garage door, the door automatically reverses to avoid hitting the object.

    If you aren’t parking your vehicle properly inside the garage door, the garage door will remain open until the area is clear.

    If the sensors aren’t aligned, you need to align them so the beams meet each other, signaling that it’s okay for the door to lower down.

    Look for damages in the garage door opener

    If everything else is in good working condition, the remote, switches, and the sensors, and you have no interference, the opener itself may be the issue.

    Make sure to turn off the garage door opener and perform an examination.

    You will see right away that there are damages in the opener.

    It’s possible, especially after extreme weather conditions like thunderstorms or lightning strikes cause a lot of power surge.

    The sudden change in the power can destroy the function of the motor built only for specific power consumption.

    This situation is dangerous as uncontrolled power surges can bring other damages that affect your garage door opener and your whole home.

    There may be other causes to the problem.

    If there are other reasons why your garage door opens by itself, you need professional services to help with the issue.

    We are always available to give you the help you need.

    Get regular inspection service for your garage door. We are available all the time!

    It’s always a good idea to book a regular inspection of the garage door.

    If you want to find out how your garage door is doing, a professional assessment is vital in keeping your garage door controllable and in the best shape.

    Mitigate any concerns on why your garage door opens by itself.

    There’s no reason why your garage door should open any time of the day, or worse, at night.

    When there is no one in your home, you need a dependable garage door to keep your home safe.

    Book us for your regular inspection services, repair works, or the essential maintenance of the garage doors.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we want you to stay on top of your garage door game with our help.

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