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    Warehouse Garage Door Repair & Installation

    The warehouse garage door keeps your business on the running.

    It operates non-stop in a day which would most likely wear out your garage door parts.

    Especially the moving parts such as the garage door motor, springs, cables, and rollers.

    A sudden break down of your garage door can significantly affect your business.

    But it is not a thing to worry about; Top Garage Doors is here to save you from your predicament.

    A warehouse garage door protects your products, supplies, and pieces of equipment from harsh elements.

    Hence, you must put in place precautionary measures.

    This is to ensure that your warehouse garage door is always in perfect working condition.

    We will be listing the common warehouse garage door problems that have encountered.

    Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems

    You tend to overlook your warehouse garage door because of its durability.

    But it is not the case for garage doors that has little or no preventive maintenance at all.

    Despite its durability, there will come a time that it will exhibit problems.

    Check out the following warehouse garage door problems.

    The garage door is difficult to open or close.

    This can be caused by different garage door parts. You should check the following parts one by one: garage door motor, torsion spring, extension spring, cables, chain, and roller.

    If one of the following parts is showing an issue, call Top Garage Doors for repairs.

    This problem should be addressed immediately.

    Noisy warehouse garage door.

    A noisy garage door is a sign that your door is operating roughly than its normal. This entails rusty garage door parts or crooked track.

    Additionally, it could be a sign that one of the garage door parts is about to break.

    Do not ignore it when you start hearing unusual noise from your warehouse garage door. Consult Top Garage Door once you notice your door making an unusual sound.

    The garage door opens after closing.

    This can be an issue of a faulty sensor or a close limit switch. The sensor might have detected an obstruction on its line of sight.

    If no obstruction is present try cleaning the lens of the photo-eye sensor and adjust the close limit switch if deemed necessary.

    If the problem persists, do not hesitate to call Top Garage Door for garage door repair.

    Water Leakage.

    This is the last thing that you want to happen to your warehouse. This can damage your products, supplies, and pieces of equipment.

    Worn-out weather-stripping is causing this and you have to fix it before another rain comes.

    Damaged Garage Door Panel or Slat.

    An accident happens anytime this includes bumping your garage door panel or slat.

    Your door panel or slat is your main protection from extreme weather conditions and intruders.

    Hence, it must be resolved immediately.

    Lucky you, if your around North York because we accommodate same-day warehouse garage door repair and installation.

    These warehouse garage door problems can be minimized if you do regular preventive maintenance.

    You can spot the problem earlier and call for a garage door repair before it gets worse.

    Warehouse Garage Door Maintenance

    Warehouse garage doors must be regularly maintained. It can either be monthly, quarterly, or biannual preventive maintenance checks.

    By doing this you can instantly see the problem before it progresses.

    Moreover, it prevents your garage door from having sudden breakdowns.

    When you find your garage door needing a repair or replacement, you can count on us.

    Top Garage Doors is always ready to service any brand, size, and style of a commercial garage door.

    Our expert technicians are well trained in all makes and models of commercial garage doors available in the market.

    Top Garage Doors – Your Trusted Garage Door Repair Company in North York

    Our 27 years of experience in warehouse garage door repair and installation will not disappoint you.

    We are the experts when it comes to repair and installation services.

    We fix any residential and commercial garage door problem that you have.

    Whether it’s small or big we can do it as long as it is a garage door problem.

    We are available 24/7 for emergency garage door repairs. We can also cater same-day repair services anywhere in North York.

    Send us a message now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We only give excellent service at a fair price.

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