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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Most homeowners are guilty of neglecting their garage door. They only recognize it, when it starts giving those inconveniences.

    As a homeowner, you can avoid this by noting its early signs. Taking action on those early signs immediately can avoid you from costly damages to happen.

    Though they are robust and can last long, the garage door should always be in good working condition.

    They are the most excessively used part of your house. It opens and closes a couple of times a day.

    Furthermore, it protects you from an outside element and it’s the more reason that you need to keep it in shape.

    Take note of the following warning signs that your garage door is hinting at you.

    Warning Signs That Your Garage Door Motor Needs Repair

    Your garage door will always give you an early warning that they need a repair. You just have to spot it right away.

    Here are the common signs that you will notice immediately.

    Noisy garage door

    A noisy garage door could lead to many problems; it is not exclusive to a garage door motor issue.

    The garage door should always have a smooth operation, when you start hearing weird noise call a garage door repair company.

    We at Top Garage Doors will inspect every angle that causes your door to be noisy and fix the problem right away.

    The garage door doesn’t open nor close

    A garage door that doesn’t open nor close can also be a sign of a broken remote or switch.

    If the remote and wall switch is working fine, then the problem now lies on the garage door motor.

    The garage door motor could have been burnt or has become damaged.

    This is due to a lack of maintenance or it has been working double than its normal working operation.

    Slow-moving garage door

    When you notice that your door has been moving slower than its usual then you can directly say that the garage door motor is causing the problem.

    The garage door motor is having a hard time moving your door up or down.

    Visible vibrations on the garage door opener

    A damaged garage door motor can cause your door opener to vibrate. This could lead to loosening the screws of your door opener mounting.

    This is a dangerous thing to happen. The moment that you notice it, call immediately for a repair.

    The garage door has sporadic movements

    Your garage door suddenly opens or closes without you doing anything.

    This sign should be taken seriously; this is the motor saying it needs repair.

    Instantly call for a garage door repair to have it checked and repaired immediately.

    These warning signs could also be an underlying factor of another problem. Wherefore, always consult experts when it comes to your garage door.

    Do not try to fix it by yourself as you may be fixing the wrong problem which could lead to bigger damages.

    You can rely on Top Garage Doors when it comes to your garage door problems. We are fast when it comes to problems that must be repaired immediately.

    Garage Door Motor — Repair or insReplace?

    If your garage door is still showing problems after it has been fixed multiple times, then it is time that you replace your garage door opener, not just the motor.

    The old garage door opener gets cranky as it ages. You’ll have to constantly repair it as it always exhibits problems.

    Then you should get a new garage door opener and enjoy the benefits that the latest door opener gives.

    Top Garage Doors can help you with that, we install different kinds of garage door openers.

    Talk to us now to learn more about garage door openers.

    Top Garage Doors ‒ Your Trusted Company in Garage Door Motor Repair and Installation in Markham

    Top Garage Doors is your trusted company when it comes to garage door motor repair and installation.

    We have over 27 years of experience in garage door installation and repairs. Despite that, we continue to sharpen our skills in garage door repair and installation.

    We specialize in residential and commercial garage doors which means there’s no problem that we cannot solve.

    We service any garage door issue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Call us now and join the growing community of our satisfied customers.

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