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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Garage door cable is also part of the lifting system of your garage door, along with the motor, torsion spring, and extension spring.

    With these garage door parts in perfect condition, you will have a smooth-running garage door.

    The garage door has been the most overused section of your home. In the long run, it will experience wear and tear.

    But most homeowners neglect to notice their garage door cables. If problems happen it is the last thing that they will look at.

    Always take notice of the signs that your garage door is presenting you.

    Indication That Your Garage Door Cables Has Problem

    Knowing the signs of the problem at an early stage can prevent a bigger problem from happening.

    Check out the following indications that your garage door cable needs repair.

    The garage door is hard to open

    A garage door that is hard to open can point to many problems. It can be an issue of a damaged garage door motor, spring, or door opener.

    But if the issue is not among the following then it’s your garage door cable that is acting up.

    A loose garage door cable

    Even though garage door cables are strong and durable there will come a time that it snaps.

    You may have not noticed your cable has been frayed. This causes your door to be unbalanced.

    Thus, it is an obvious indication that your garage door cable must be changed as soon as possible.

    The garage door cable slips off the cable drum

    The cable slipping off the cable drum is a result of a broken spring, wrong spring replacement, and wrong cable replacement.

    Once the spring is broken it tends to loosen the force that the cable causing it to unravel on its own and slipping off the cable drum.

    Whether it’s a spring or a cable, a wrong replacement or poor installation always prove to cause extra damages.

    Thus, getting a qualified garage door technician is always the best choice.

    How can you prevent your garage door from experiencing these kinds of problems?

    You can keep your overhead door at tip-top shape by doing visual maintenance check every now and then.

    Once you noticed that some of your cable wire has snapped then you should schedule a garage door repair.

    Garage Door Cable — How To Fix It?

    Doing a garage door cable repair is easy that even a beginner DIYer can do it. Prior to fixing it, you must prepare the necessary tools and get the right garage door cable replacement.

    Here’s how you can replace your garage door cable:

    1. Release your garage door from the door opener and open it halfway. Secure the door by using a vice grip or by placing a ladder under it.
    2. Start by removing the cable at the bottom roller, then remove it from the pulley/cable drum, and finally, remove its other end hooked at the horizontal track.
    3. Get your new cable replacement. Place the cable the way how you removed it.

    Make sure that the cable is properly placed and secure the bottom rollers correctly.

    1. You should also replace the other cable even if it is not showing any problem. This is to ensure that your garage door is balanced.

    Just repeat the process for the other cable.

    Always remember that when dealing with your garage door problems, you must always exercise extreme caution.

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