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    Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation

    Commercial garage doors come in different styles and sizes depending on where to use them.

    But it all has the same purpose, which is to protect you and secure your business.

    Commercial garage doors are a big help to your business.

    Thus, it must be maintained regularly and installed by an expert.

    Top Garage Doors is here to help you with your business.

    With our 27 years of experience, commercial garage door repair and installation is easy for us.

    There is no major or minor garage door problem that we cannot solve.

    Planning to install another commercial garage door? 

    Here are the various types of commercial garage doors you can choose from.

    Various Types of Commercial Garage Door

    There are a lot of commercial garage door styles that you can choose and even customize.

    Check out the following common commercial garage doors.

    Roll-Up Garage Doors

    This is the most common commercial garage door and you can find it anywhere.

    It is typically used in warehouses and storefront covers.

    It has a panel box/box top that houses the aluminum slat which rolls up and down.

    This type of commercial garage door is best for limited spaces.

    Roll-up doors are durable and can last for an extended time.

    Sectional Garage Doors

    Sectional garage doors are simply panel doors that can be aluminum or galvanized steel.

    This type of garage door has the best insulation making it thermally efficient.

    Sectional doors can be full galvanized steel panels or can have windows at the top.

    Fire Garage Doors

    Fire doors are like roll-up doors but they are far more superior than them.

    Due to their thick material they provide better protection and insulation.

    Hence, it is popularly used in warehouses, parking spaces, and delivery centers.

    Security Grilles

    This type of garage door is commonly found in malls, banks, airports, and offices.

    Security grilles have two types and operations.

    It can be a panel or open-air type that can move up-down or can be folded.

    They keep your premise protected while permitting visibility.

    If you have a commercial garage door in mind, talk to us now.

    We will be happy to accommodate your queries and we will even provide you with free estimates.

    Commercial Garage Door — Repair and Maintenance

    The garage door can hinder your business’ movement if it suddenly breaks down.

    Hence, it should be regularly well maintained. Having regular preventive maintenance can keep you on track with the parts that need to be repaired or replaced.

    Thus, avoiding bigger problems to occur and could also lengthen your garage door’s life.

    You can start by doing a visual maintenance check. Check all the moving components ‒ rollers, pulleys, chain, and cables and lubricate them if needed.

    Then take a look at the hinges, bracket, and track’s alignment.

    Next, check your door’s balance. Disconnect your door from the door opener.

    Then, open your door midway and it should stay that way.

    If you notice that your door doesn’t stay in that position for a long time then it is unbalanced.

    You have to immediately call for a repair and you can trust Top Garage Doors with that.

    We assure you of a quick response because we know that every commercial garage door problem needs a fast fix.

    We guarantee you a great service at a fair price

    Don’t hesitate to call us when you are having trouble with your commercial garage door.

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