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    Garage Door Repair Pickering

    Are you looking for help with your garage door? Is your garage door showing problems and you don’t know what’s causing it?

    Then you have come to the right place. Top Garage Doors is here to aid your garage door problem.

    We can help you with any garage door repair and installation in Pickering.

    Common Garage Door Problems in Pickering

    Most homes and businesses here in Pickering have garage doors installed. Here are the common garage doors that we have encountered here in Pickering.

    The Overhead door doesn’t open nor close

    This is the most common garage door problem that everyone experiences.

    We always receive calls that their garage doors suddenly stopped working.

    But that is not really the case, your garage door always gives you a hint that they are having some issues and you have neglected to notice those.

    This problem could be caused by different garage door parts. It could be due to a broken torsion or extension spring, a damaged garage door motor, or the cables have snapped.

    The best thing to do with this problem is to have your garage door diagnosed by an expert and that expert is us, Top Garage Doors.

    We’ll see to it that the source of the problem is fixed.

    Noisy overhead door

    The second most popular garage door problem is a noisy garage door.

    A noisy garage door could tell you of other underlying problems that it has. You just have to find where the noise is coming from.

    These noises could be coming from your garage door motor, rollers, or torsion spring.

    If you neglect this it may be very late to repair them and it can cause an accident.

    We know you do not want the latter from happening. You can count on Top Garage Doors; we can arrange same-day repairs for you.

    The overhead door reverses as soon as it hit the floor

    This often happens because your photo-eye sensor senses an obstruction on its line of sight.

    All you have to do is clear away the obstructions from the sensors’ line of sight.

    If the problem is still present, try cleaning the lens of your photo-eye sensor.

    If all has been done and the problem is still there, call Top Garage Doors for repair and diagnosis.

    It may be your garage door opener that’s causing the problem.

    The overhead door partially opens or closes

    When this happens to your garage door then it is a sign that your garage door opener has some issues.

    It may be due to its setting or the electronic part of your garage door opener is malfunctioning.

    Contact us, when this starts to happen before it leads to bigger damages.

    Your garage door needs proper care to always keep its working condition excellent and to avoid bigger problems from happening.

    Remember that your garage door is the most used part of your house and business; it goes up and down several times a day.

    Team Up With Top Garage Door in Pickering

    Top Garage Doors lives and dies for your garage door. We have sharpened our skills and knowledge in order to cater to all your garage door repair and installation in Pickering.

    With our 27 years, we can attest that we are the experts when it comes to garage door repair and installation.

    We specialize in residential and commercial door repairs and replacements, small or big problems are not an issue with us.

    You can rely on us for emergencies whether it’s a garage door replacement, spring replacement, or door opener installation. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Contact us now, we assure you of a great service that comes at a fair price.

    Other Services That We Offer

    Here the services that we offer here in Pickering but not limited to.

    There’s no garage door problem that we cannot fix and you can bet on us with that.

    Commercial Garage Door Service

    The garage door may be the part of your residence or company building, which is prone to damage due to heavy daily usage.

    Over several times a year, a typical garage door rises and falls.

    You are keeping your garage door safe and secure guarantees any business owner to put things in order.

    Your garage door will become a concern and endanger your workers if you neglect to do this.

    And several businesses are currently using industrial overhead doors for everyday manufacturing.

    You would like a licensed garage door service company to provide you with repairs if you belong to these companies.

    A damaged commercial overhead door may cause some discomfort.

    The bad thing might also be the operations and the job schedule.

    As we all know that time is a valuable commodity for all, especially in the business world.

    Therefore, it is essential to have a functioning and well-maintained garage door.

    These doors safeguard us against criminals and robbery of your valuable things and goods.

    And if you are looking for a reliable overhead door repair center in Pickering, then Top Garage Doors is the one to consider.


    Top Garage Doors is a repair facility in Pickering, a licensed garage door company.

    We give every household and business owner all forms of repair facilities.

    We are a local repair company located close to the city.

    You definitely couldn’t go wrong when you get our services.

    Our experts are well-equipped and qualified in any job we do.

    The new and most recent instruments available on the market will fix all the garage door issues.

    Besides, our company offers 24×7 repair services.

    We will always be in your favor, whether it is for residential users or industrial customers.

    Not only that, we are dealing with all kinds of doors in all shapes and sizes.


    Our company has extensive experience installing overhead doors in the Pickering region.

    We are fully qualified to perform repairs in our service area.

    We will perform a full check of your garage door to determine what type of damage needs fixing.

    When we visit your home or office, we bring all the necessary tools and materials to conduct our investigation.

    We ensure that we are thorough with all of our work.

    We guarantee that we will complete the work on the first try and hit the target.

    You can be assured not to contact us for the same work order again.

    We use only the highest quality materials to repair our clients’ products.

    We are a reliable service provider in this industry and still appreciate a special designation.

    Also, our prices are fair and competitive, and we frequently offer discounts to our loyal customers.


    We are the elite group of professional door specialists who are familiar with all kinds of door situations.

    So if you have any of these garage door problems, call us for help.

    We provide an objective and comprehensive response to any reported issues regarding your garage doors.

    Regardless of whether you need an overhead door replacement or maintenance, we are here to assist you soon.

    We only provide the highest quality products, and we will always be your best choice for the next job order.

    It doesn’t matter where you live in the Pickering region, because we cover all areas of the city.

    Have any questions? Just contact any of our staff, and we will be there as soon as we can!

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