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    The garage door has been popular since it was first invented in 1921. Especially when the first automated garage door came out five years after.

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    Today, even in North York you can never find a house that has no garage attached to it. Undeniably, overhead doors have a lot of benefits making them popular up until now.

    Benefits of Installing A New Garage Door

    A garage door can typically last for 15 – 30 years but it all depends on how it is frequently used.

    As it gets older its functional capability decreases.  And for this reason, you should not wait for your garage door to become so old before replacing it.

    Here are the following benefits that you will get from a new garage door.


    Garage door panels or slat are made robust to withstand strong winds, water leaks, and attempted burglary. Hence, it gives you better security than the older ones.


    With a garage door, you can freely move your car and other big stuff in and out of your house with just one press of the button.

    The same goes for businesses, products movement in and out of the warehouse is made easy.

    Better Insulation

    Current garage doors provide better insulation than the older ones. They keep your garage cool during the hot days and warm during the cold days.

    This is due to its built-in insulation which makes it more energy efficient.


    Your garage door’s appearance degrades as it handles different weather conditions all year round.

    Today’s garage door design provides your home an aesthetic appeal thus increasing your home’s value while the level of protection and security it can give is still there.

    Cost Savings

    Over time maintaining and repairing a garage door is more costly than installing a new garage door.

    Also, the improved insulation that a new garage door provides helps in reducing your energy cost.

    As soon as you have decided to install a new garage door or you still have a lot of questions in mind, contact Top Garage Doors. We are the experts in garage door installation.

    Though garage doors have their fair share of benefits, it also has its disadvantage.

    But this disadvantage can be avoided with proper care and maintenance of your garage door.

    Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

    Your garage door can cause accidents. This can happen if you just use your garage door and neglect the maintenance and repair.

    Preventive maintenance and immediate repairs are important to avoid costly damages and unwanted accidents.

    You can start by scheduling a regular visual maintenance checking and here’s what you can do.

    1. Inspect your garage door track – The track must always be straight so rollers run smoothly.
    2. Inspect your rollers – Check if your garage door rollers rotate smoothly and there are no missing parts.
    3. Inspect the hinges – Over time hinges tend to loosen and if you found any loose hinges tighten them.
    4. Inspect the cables – Check the cables on both sides if they are starting to get frayed.
    5. Check the door balance – Release the garage door from the door opener and then lift your garage door midway. If the garage door stays open at that position then it is balanced and if the garage door starts to move down then it is unbalanced.
    6. Check the remote and wall switch – Open and close your door using the remote and wall switch, check whether the garage door responds to the remote and wall switch. Change the batteries of the remote if needed.
    7. Reverse test – Place a block below your garage door, check whether the garage door reverses when it hits the block.

    These are some of the basic maintenance checks that you can do for your garage door.

    When you find that some of the parts are showing signs of damage then schedule a garage door repair.

    You can trust Top Garage Doors with your garage door repairs.


    You can never guess when you will require a reliable garage door maintenance specialist in North York.

    That is why our company has taken steps to ensure that our facilities are available around the clock.

    We truly appreciate the importance of keeping your garage door running smoothly as it should every day.

    Our team of qualified technicians is ready to support you no matter how much time you have to spend, day or night.

    We have a pool of fully trained specialists who are licensed and insured.

    We can provide any of the many repair and replacement solutions that we cater to 24/7.

    No matter what sort of service you demand from us, you assure that when you hire Top Garage Doors, we will finish the job quickly and efficiently expected.

    Here’s a list of the services that we cater to the residents of North York

    Can’t find the service you need?

    Don’t worry if you don’t see the overhead door repair service you request mentioned above; call our customer care team, and we will evaluate your needs.

    We will instantly send the most skilled tech right to your doorstep to support you.

    Our company has a large group of professionals standing by, ready to service your garage door.

    We are confident that our garage door fix will take care of your requirements on the spot.


    Whether you have a fractured garage door in need of replacement or repair, or any of its parts and pieces, our technicians can help you choose the appropriate response.

    We provide prompt and efficient repair services for defective springs, cracked rollers, deformed garage door tracks, torn garage door openers, and cables.

    We also cater to both residential and commercial garage door repair services and installation.

    Whatever is the issue with your overhead door, we have the appropriate resources to prevent it.

    Our workers have received a high level of training, enabling them to withstand any emergency garage door service.

    They can identify the cause, offer the best workarounds, and quickly put the issues right.

    It’s done well, and it’s done fast.

    That is excellent service from Top Garage Doors for you!

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    If you are living or has business around North York, you can count on Top Garage Doors.

    We are your new go-to garage door repair and installation in North York.

    We can tackle any garage door problems and we can accommodate same-day garage door repair services.

    Moreover, we also have 24/7 emergency garage door repair around North York.

    Call us now and book an appointment.

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