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    How to select garage door springs

    The spring of your garage door has a significant function in your garage.

    It’s the mechanism that helps lift or lower the garage door upon control.

    So it’s essential to select the right spring that goes for your garage door.

    If you pick the wrong spring, you’re putting your door at risk of deficient support.

    A heavy garage door with less-than-required weight support is a garage door waiting to fall off anytime.

    So, how to select garage door springs?

    There are proper ways that can point you to the right garage door spring.

    First, you can study the springs in your garage door.

    Second, you need to get the correct measurements of the spring.

    After doing so, you need to hire professional services to get your new garage door spring in place.

    Remember, a garage door spring has a lot of force, and a snapping garage door spring can put you in danger.

    Call Top Garage Doors for garage door spring installation or garage door spring replacements.

    We offer our services to ensure your safety.

    You can stay inside while we work handling your garage door and the springs in place.

    Let’s pick your next springs first.

    Examine your garage door

    Before choosing the next spring, go to your garage first.

    Make sure your garage door is closed.

    Torsion spring

    Torsion springs are primarily on top of the frame in the garage.

    These springs are around a steel rod that contains the spring in place.

    A torsion spring doesn’t stretch when the door opens or closes.

    Instead, it only rotates around the rod, which gives the force to help circle cables around the cable drum, lifting the door.

    Tension spring

    On the other hand, tension springs are either near the garage door opener or on the sides of the frame.

    Tension springs contract and stretch depending on whether or not your door is closed.

    If you have a stretched-out spring upon checking the closed garage, you have tension springs working.

    Tension springs that hold the door down are in extreme tension, so be careful in handling the tension springs.

    Get the measurement of the springs

    Now that you know the kind of springs in place, it’s time to get the spring measurements.

    There are five aspects you need to measure.

    Make sure that the springs are relaxed.

    Get your measuring tape and caliper.

    Spring body length

    Using the tape measure, get the length of the body beginning in the first coil up until the last coil.

    Don’t include the hooks or the loops that are used to hang the spring in the brackets.

    Coil thickness

    Get the length of the first 20 coils of the spring.

    Divide that length into 20 to give you the per coil thickness.

    Inner and outer diameter

    Using a caliper, get the end-to-end center measurement of the inner part of the coil.

    Also, get the outer diameter measurement, meaning: end to end center measurement of the outer part of the coil.

    Overall spring length

    Measure the overall length of the spring.

    The overall length includes the hooks and loops and the body length of the spring.

    Never forget to take the measurements in the same unit to avoid confusion.

    The last thing you want is a wrong spring that can’t support your garage door.

    Hire professional services

    If you have purchased the garage door springs from the store, it’s time to set them up in your garage.

    Call for professional help in dealing with the springs.

    Remember, your door is not light in weight, and without spring support, it becomes heavier on the tracks.

    Our team of garage door technicians can help you set up the new garage door springs.

    Sit back and make yourself safe as we disengage the old spring and put in the new spring.

    Book a schedule with us. Top Garage Doors can put up your new springs in place efficiently!

    Garage door spring installations and replacements are hazardous tasks.

    With force within the springs, you have an object with stored energy to keep your garage doors in place.

    A snap in the hooks can send the spring flying anywhere.

    Book a schedule with us so we can help you on how to select a garage door spring and the works that follow.

    Your garage door should always get the appropriate service for long-lasting parts.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we offer efficient work for your garage door.

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