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    How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

    When you have a dented garage door, you may end up panicking as it looks expensive to bring the door back in shape.

    You don’t have to worry about the dents.

    There are plenty of ways you can deal with garage door dents.

    Getting dents is one of the most common instances that can happen to a garage door.

    Plenty of effective ways are present as alternative solutions to fixing the dent.

    You don’t need to result in an immediate replacement service that can set you back up to thousands of dollars.

    If you find yourself with a very stubborn dent, that’s when you’ll call for help.

    Top Garage Doors is present to give you the repair work for most garage door dents.

    Before you call us, there are several ways you can try to bring back the garage door to its original condition.

    Unless you can’t bring back the panel in its beautiful standard condition, don’t book for us yet.

    There are some ways you can try on your own first.

    Consider it a cost-effective way on how to fix a dented garage door.

    If you need the extra service, we are always available in the area for you.

    Dent inspection

    Before you get your tools and work away, the first thing you should do is perform an inspection.

    You need to know how far along the dent is before you try to repair it.

    If you fix the dent in the wrong way, you’ll end up with a more damaged garage door.

    This will cost you more in repair expenses of panel replacements.

    Get your washing soap and cloth and clean the dent first.

    Some garage door materials are easier to fix than others.

    For example, wooden garage door panels need better repair, so you should call professionals for the job.

    For aluminum or steel doors, you only need to perform simple methods to small dents.

    If your garage door only suffers from minor dents, you only need a few minutes to fix them.

    Methods for fixing panel dents

    Most simple methods only work for minor dents.

    If you accidentally pulled back your car against an entire wooden panel, it’s best if you steer clear of the garage for a while.

    Book professional garage door services to help you with the issue.

    Don’t risk implicating more damage to the panel by doing a DIY repair to a big dent.

    Using a mallet and block

    The mallet method works best with aluminum panels.

    Since aluminum is more malleable than other materials, it’s also more convenient to shape back in place.

    1. Clean the dented area with soap and water.

    Let it air dry.

    2. Put a block against the dent.

    3. Tap it slowly and lightly with the mallet until the dent is flush flat against the other panels.

    4. Repeat a couple more times until you are satisfied with the minor repair.

    Using suction cups

    Suctions are great ways to pull back the dent in place.

    This method is also popular with vehicular dents as they are easy and straightforward to do.

    1. Clean the dented area and let it air dry.

    2. Pour hot water on the dent.

    3. Use a suction device like a plunger to pull back the dent towards the panel.

    Do this while the dent is still hot from the hot water.

    4. Repeat this several times until the dent is flat against the other panels.

    Using heat and compressed air

    Another method on how to fix a dented garage door is by using heat.

    It makes use of aluminum foil, heat source, and compressed air.

    1. Clean the dented part of the garage door and let the dent dry.

    2. Stretch a cut-out piece of aluminum foil that is enough to cover the dent.

    3. Using a pocket lighter or any portable heat sources, increase the temperature of the aluminum foil for about a minute.

    4. Remove the aluminum foil after heating it.

    Immediately spray the can of compressed air into the area.

    Schedule an appointment with our team for professional dent repair services. We are always available for you!

    Sometimes, some dents are too big and deep to fix.

    If you already have a broken garage door panel, it’s best to book an appointment already.

    A damaged panel can make the door vulnerable and prone to more extensive damages.

    Don’t risk the safety of your garage.

    If you feel like the dent is too complicated to fix during the inspection, don’t hesitate to call us.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we can help you fix the dent in no time.

    Book your next free date with our team for repair service.

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