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    How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    Adjusting garage door tracks is one of the simplest ways to ensure that the garage door glides smoothly.

    Since the tracks guide the door upward or downward, any obstruction can cause jamming and damages to the roller.

    Make it a habit to check the doors from time to time to get the tracks in the best condition.

    There are issues in the tracks that will halt the function of the garage door.

    One example is a misaligned garage door track.

    There are lots of reasons that the track experiences misalignment problems.

    Do note that these causes happen over time.

    Without the proper maintenance of the garage door, you will surely lessen the occurrence of misalignments.

    There are simple ways to adjust garage door tracks and bring back the smooth, uninterrupted gliding of the garage door.

    Adjusting the door rollers to the track

    The most common issue with misaligned tracks is roller misalignment.

    A misaligned roller happens when the garage door’s roller is out of the way and causes a slowdown in the garage door movement.

    There is a simple way to fix the issue.

    1. Loosen the track screws, so it has some space from the frame.

    2. Find any roller that isn’t snug in the track.

    If the roller is out of the track, push it back inside the track with a mallet.

    3. Try out the garage door if there are still rollers not in place.

    Roll the garage door up and down a bit.

    For the loose spots along the tracks, use the mallet to level the garage door to the tracks.

    4. Tighten the bolts that secure the track to the frame.

    Adjusting the tracks and weatherstrip

    The weatherstrip is a seal in the garage door gaps.

    You can find them in the gaps around the frame.

    The function of a weatherstrip is to keep water out.

    1. Close the garage door and check the frames from the outside of the garage.

    Find spots in the frame where wind can go through.

    Those spots are air leaks that allow outside elements to enter the garage.

    2. Loosen the garage door track from the frames so you can position them correctly.

    3. Adjust the garage door to the weatherstrips by pushing them a bit.

    Make sure there are no spots for air leaks.

    With the loosened track, move around the slots to accommodate the new position of the door.

    4. With the tracks in a new position, tighten the bolts to secure them to the garage door frame.

    Adjusting the overhead track

    The overhead tracks are the ones on top of the garage, consuming some headroom space.

    The overhead track and the wall track should be at the same distance as the door.

    If they’re not, it can cause an off-balance for the track that supports a pulled-up garage door.

    1. Close the garage door and disconnect it from the opener.

    2. Loosen the garage door tracks by turning the bolts and nuts, creating some space.

    3. Reposition the overhead track to the rollers of the garage door.

    Make sure that the overhead still stays the same distance as the wall track.

    A higher track means a slower garage door.

    4. If you are satisfied with the placement of the overhead track, tighten the bolts.

    Reconnect the garage door opener and try the new adjustment.

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    Ultimately, a misaligned garage door track only takes a matter of time to be apart from the garage door.

    There should be a snug fit between the tracks and the rollers in all directions.

    It’s best to check the overhead tracks along with the vertical tracks.

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