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    How to adjust garage door opener

    A well-adjusted garage door makes life easier.

    You can modify some changes to the garage door through the opener.

    The adjustments help in the automated operation so you can control your garage door from afar.

    You can change some travel and force settings for the garage door.

    Adjusting some settings for the garage door affects their mechanism.

    Pick out the best setting to make your garage door operations better.

    When you get the optimal distance and force for your garage door opener, your garage door will give you a smooth close and open operation.

    If you can’t find the right setting for your garage door, we are always here to help you get the optimal setting.

    We know it can be frustrating to have a very slow garage door.

    It’s equally annoying to have a garage door that’s too fast for your liking.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we can give your garage door and opener an inspection.

    We know how to adjust the garage door opener to your liking.

    You don’t have to suffer from any door hindrances or unexpected garage door gaps from the lack of adjustment in the limit switch.

    Give us a call if you need help setting up the garage door opener properly.

    Garage door opener limit switches

    The limit switches control the height adjustment of the garage door.

    You can set a specific height at which the garage door opens in the tracks.

    You can also do the same to the closing height.

    Note that a lack in the closing height can result in unwanted garage door gaps that will cause your garage door to be vulnerable.

    Set the right closing limit to close your garage door entirely.

    Set the proper opening height so that your garage door isn’t hanging too low in the tracks.

    UP limit or Opening limit

    Find the limit switches in the garage.

    They’re either on the garage door tracks or near the wall switch.

    However, they’re primarily in the garage door opener.

    Press the UP button or rotate clockwise the UP knob.

    This should increase the garage door height by 5 cm.

    DOWN limit or Closing limit

    The DOWN button should be near the UP button.

    Adjust the height limit for the closing motion of the garage door.

    If there are gaps in the garage door, keep pressing the DOWN button or turning the knob.

    The garage door descends by a height of 5 cm.

    Make sure that there are no gaps between the floor and the bottom of the garage door.

    Garage door opener force adjustment knobs

    After the limit switch, you have the force adjustment knob.

    The force adjustment knobs are generally near the limit switches.

    These are knobs that you turn using a flathead screwdriver.

    The force affects how fast or slow the garage door ascends or descends in the tracks.

    It also affects the sensitivity of the garage door to any obstruction.

    You need to set the right amount of force that allows the garage door to rise and descend without any hindrances to very little sensitivity.

    UP Force or Opening force

    Locate the UP force knob in the garage door opener and bring out the flathead screwdriver.

    Rotate the knob clockwise to increase the force of the garage door.

    Control the garage door using the remote, so you know how the door responds to the new force adjustment.

    If the door lacks force, it won’t rise in the tracks to a full open; you need to adjust the knob some more.

    DOWN Force or Closing force

    Locate the DOWN force knob and turn the knob clockwise using the same screwdriver.

    Increase the force of the garage door by rotating the knob clockwise.

    You’ll know the garage door lacks force when it reverses automatically with any slight obstruction or contact.

    Find the proper force that automatically reverses the garage door when there is at most 3 cm of contact with anything in the way.

    Having a hard time getting the proper force and limit distance for the garage door? Give us a call to help you set up the opener properly.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we can help you set up your garage door opener switches.

    The limit switch and the force adjustment knobs can be very tricky to set.

    On the one hand, you want a garage door that auto reverses in appropriate contact upon the path; yet you don’t want a garage door that opens up in the slightest contact.

    Call us to help you set your garage door opener.

    We know how to adjust garage door openers, and we have offered our professional adjustment services to many homes and businesses.

    We want to help you get the perfect setting next.

    Give us a call or book an appointment with our team.

    We are more than happy to help you with your adjustment concerns.

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