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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    One of the uncanny sites in a garage is a garage door gap.

    It’s a risk to the safety of your garage and your home.

    First, it’s a sign for unwanted individuals to get inside your home due to a vulnerable garage door.

    Second, pests and vermin can get inside your garage door.

    They can build a home in the tracks and cause damages to the panels of your garage door, given the case.

    Third, a lot of external weather conditions affect the garage door more noticeably.

    Expect a lot of rainwater to create a wet portion in the garage door because of the garage door gaps.

    It’s time to take action and fix the gap.

    There shouldn’t be any entry point in your garage except when you open or close the garage door.

    There are simple ways you can do so you know how to adjust a garage door gap.

    Some methods are simple and will require minimal work, while others will require some leg work to ensure a sealed garage door.

    Nevertheless, it’s worth it to try some ways so the next time it happens, you already know how to handle a gap.

    Change the limit switch in the garage door opener

    The garage door opener has many functions aside from bringing the door up and down.

    Since it’s the central remote operator of the garage door, it can control how low the garage door goes.

    If there is a gap in the garage door, check the limit switches on top of the garage door.

    Most garage door openers label the UP or DOWN.

    Keep pressing the down button, so you add more height to the descent of the garage door.

    When you press the DOWN button, you should get an additional 5 cm to the downward motion.

    Check with your manual, as many garage door brands have different instructions to change the down limit switch.

    Bring down the garage door track

    The track of the garage door guides the movement of the garage door.

    It contains the rollers that roll the door to the desired position.

    It may be that the garage door track is too high, and you need to bring it down a bit.

    From the installation of the garage door track, the gap can result and must have slightly risen over time with the constant movement.

    Loosen the bolts of the garage door track, so you have the space to move it up or down.

    Bring back the track towards the ground and make sure it’s right on the floor.

    Tighten the bolts and slide the garage door to check for the persistence of the gap.

    Replace the weatherstrip

    The weatherstrip is additional material to the garage that keeps out the gaps in between partitions.

    It’s on all sides of the garage door frame and other gaps in your garage.

    If the weatherstrip has worn out, it would be compressed from constantly sealing the gaps.

    Replace the weatherstrip, so you have a new one around the gaps.

    It should add some height that can cover the gaps in the bottom part of the garage door.

    A weatherstrip replacement only works on small gaps.

    If you have bigger gaps, adding the weatherstrip will leave some space between the ground and the garage door.

    Elevate the garage floor

    A concrete garage floor rarely experiences shifting floors.

    This is a natural occurrence for lots and properties.

    Over time, the garage floor or lot floor will sag with constant movement from the ground.

    The sagging may have caused a garage door gap that resulted from long-time movement and soil sags.

    What you can do involves some construction work.

    Add concrete to the bottom part where the garage door settles.

    You can call in for construction services to fix the flooring in the garage door area or add the concrete by yourself and flatten it to the garage door bottom.

    Add a floor threshold to the door frame

    A floor threshold is like a raised platform on the bottom part of the frame.

    The threshold holds the garage door in place when it’s closed and eliminates the garage door gaps.

    Purchase a threshold from your local hardware and install them on the floor.

    Many floor thresholds have easy DIY installation.

    Put them on the floor and test them out with the garage door.

    When the door is too snug on the threshold containment, adjust the up switch in the garage door opener.

    When you close the garage door, there shouldn’t be a space that allows any light inside the garage.

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