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    Garage Motor Not Working

    If your overhead door doesn’t function in the morning to let your vehicle out or in the afternoon once you are back from grocery shopping, this article will discuss the possible causes and help you resolve them.

    When a garage door opener or motor malfunction or won’t operate correctly is real trouble for all homeowners.

    Door openers for most garages are comparable in function; they differ from product to brand and style.

    You’ll need to check the instruction manual for some of the corrections; if you can’t find the manual guide, you can get one from the manufacturer’s website or consult an expert.

    Follow this step by step guide to know the solution.

    You can also DIY or, much better, seek assistance from a trusted door repair facility in your area.


    Ensure The Door Opener is Switched On

    Although this may sound like a piece of cake, one of the possible reasons for garage door opener malfunction is the power cable detaching from the power outlet.

    Inspect The Circuit Breaker That Activates The Door Opener

    An electric power spike, even a tiny one, can trigger a breaker to stumble.

    Check your main house breaker board to see if it activates your garage or if it’s switched off.

    If yes, readjust the breaker before attempting the garage door opener again, rotate the breaker toggle to the off button and then back to the on the button.

    Is the Garage Door Locked?

    It will probably not open if the garage door is closed on the inside.

    Although you’ve possibly sorted this out by now, we often forget the most straightforward stuff, so before you continue, it’s worth to check and inspect to make sure.

    Examine If The Trolley Has Been Detached

    When the overhead door is moving, the trolley travels along the chain drive (the lengthy chain attached to the wall), linked to the garage door’s inner top through a steel rod.

    To ensure that you did not unintentionally remove the cord and trolley, try to connect the trolley for directions according to your user guide, and you will be back in action.

    Try To Reset The Remote Control

    If the door activates when you push the button using the control touchpad installed on the wall but unable to use the remote, you might just find the root of the problem.

    Reboot the remote control.

    As this process varies depending on your remote maker, follow the instructions on your user manual guide.

    Clear The Photo-Eye

    Inside your overhead door track is the photo-eye, a tiny detector glides a few inches above the ground to sense objects or blockage in the garage door direction.

    It alerts the door to avoid closing if it notices anything, a useful security function that keeps the door from shutting on dogs or younger kids.

    An unclean photo-eye will block the door from opening.

    Using a soft cloth, wipe it off and then start to operate the door again.

    Change The Pulling Power Of The Opener

    If your door opener is years old already, it is most configured probably to pull the overhead door up with a particular amount of force.

    To compensate for the tracks or rollers’ failure, this degree of force has to be raised over time, making it hard for the opener to elevate the door.

    Perhaps The Door is Off The Track

    The opener won’t move up when a garage door roller detaches from one of the surface tracks.

    If a track is unintentionally hit by a hard surface and twisted outward, it will cause the door rollers to fall out.

    However, when repositioning the rollers, try to detach the opener (using the detaching switch method mentioned above) and lift the door manually.

    Damaged Torsion Spring

    A strong torsion spring mounted parallel above the overhead door is used in many households.

    It usually ends up tightly when the door is dropped, providing a compressive force that helps raise the door up.

    However, springs weaken out and split over time, making the door too dense to be pushed by the opener.

    Setting up a new torsion spring is a task for a trained garage door technician, but it can seriously injure someone near the door if the spring breaks off during the operation.

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