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    Garage Door Won't Open

    The garage door is subject to regular wear and tear as the most commonly used entry and exit in a typical residential home.

    Now and then, a garage door is likely to have technical problems.

    When power failures occur, problems are more frequent in the cold season.

    Households in and around the region are all-too-familiar with such challenges.

    Garage door openers are best when they operate correctly, which happens most of the time.

    But when they go on the verge of collapsing, it cannot be enjoyable.

    It was a wise first step to replace the remote’s batteries, but since that did not solve the issue; it only makes sense to troubleshoot any other common problems that might prevent the door from opening.

    Chances of this happening are high, and you can solve the problem by yourself or seek professional assistance.


    If your garage door doesn’t open in the morning or back at the end of the day to park your car, consider following these repair techniques to know the solution.

    Either you do it yourself or ask for professional assistance.

    Ensure the opener is connected to the power source.

    Although this may sound like a piece of cake, the consequence of the power cable working loose from the power outlet is simply one of the most frequent reasons for garage door opener malfunction.

    Test the electric circuit that controls the door opener.

    An electrical spike, even a tiny one, can cause a circuit board to explode.

    To see if the regulator that forces your garage (check for the label) is no longer in the ON mode, check the breaker panel.

    If so, reset the breaker before attempting the garage door opener again, toggle the OFF mode’s breaker button, and then return to the ON mode.

    Check if the door opener is locked or jammed.

    If you lock the overhead door on the inside, you will not be able to open it.

    While this issue is so common, you already verified this out.

    We quite often ignore the smallest details, so it’s worth considering checking before you proceed with the troubleshooting.

    Make sure the trolley is not wired or detached.

    The trolley passes along the track, connected to the door through a metal bar when the door swings open or closed due to a mechanical lever.

    All overhead door openers have an on/off button, which prevents the trolley from transitioning when you want to open the door manually.

    To be on the safe side, check to see if the cord is detached during transit.

    If it was, reattach the trolley back to its position with the help of the manufacturer’s guide, and you’ll have the problem corrected instantly.

    Check if the problem originating from the remote; try rebooting it.

    If the door moves when one presses the wall-mounted keypad but not the remote, you have identified the source of the issue.

    Attempt to reboot the remote.

    You will need to find your owner’s manual guide as the instructions for resetting the remote vary per maker.

    It will only take a minute to push the switches and change the code on the keypad.

    Make sure the photo-eye is clean or free of any dirt.

    A small photo-eye sensor is set four to eight inches above the floor inside of the garage detect things in the door’s path.

    If it feels something, it cues the door to hold back in closing.

    It is an excellent door feature that prohibits the door from shutting down on animals or young children.

    An unclean photo-eye can shift the door and prevent them from opening.

    Use a soft towel to clean the glass lens of the camera gently.

    Afterward, try to open the door again.

    It could be that the door opener is off track.

    When a track or path on the overhead door falls off, it will prevent the opener from obtaining the necessary force to open the door.

    It can take place if you hit a track by something heavy and twisted outward in which it is no longer fits over the rollers.

    Though the rollers may stick, you might be able to lift the door manually while repositioning the rollers behind it.

    It is best to have someone who will guide you through the process.

    When the door is completely open, it is advisable to tap the bent track against the ceiling lightly.

    The door should lower quickly, and it should reconnect the opener.

    Examine if there is a torn torsion spring.

    You can find the strong torsion spring situated parallel above the door in many overhead doors.

    The spring finishes up tightly when you extend the door, producing a pressure that activates the door when you launch it next.

    These door parts wear out and break over time, creating the door too dense to be lifted by the opener.

    Putting in a new torsion spring is a task for a trained garage door repairman.

    It can dangerously harm anyone near the door if the spring breaks off during the installation process.


    Major issues within the opener should be examined and fixed by a reliable repair technician.

    These tasks are too risky to manage if you are not comfortable with what you are doing.

    So, it’s time to call your trusted garage door repairman to eliminate the hassle of going through the stages by yourself.

    We at the Top Garage Doors is ready to serve you at any time.

    Our highly qualified engineers can welcome all your repair needs 24/7.

    Our experienced and competent specialists are dedicated to providing you with the absolute best advice to ensure that your garage door system will perform smoothly for seasons to come.

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