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    Garage Door Won't Close

    The garage door is down and won’t close.

    What’s next? What do you do if your garage door refuses to close?

    Do you contact a professional for a maintenance job, or do you do some DIY repairs alone?

    But whichever way, you will end up spending a lot of cash to address a reasonably straightforward issue or dramatically worsen the situation.

    Garage door repair specialists like Top Garage Doors have dealt with many issues regarding garage door service.

    Even still, sometimes some problems keep going to shock us, like the small insect nest developing on the photo-eye detector or the golf ball that somehow knocked the door entirely off its circuit.

    Even though these cases are rare, they are within our core garage door services staff’s capabilities.

    Sometimes it is possible to rectify the issues by yourself, but there are many instances in which an authorized repair professional is more appropriate.

    Recognizing what is inconsistent with your overhead door will help you decide whether you should consult an expert or fix the problem yourself.

    We at Top Garage Doors are always ready to deliver fast and efficient repair solutions for your home and industrial garage doors.


    To help resolve issues with your overhead door, here are the most common reasons why it is not closing correctly:

    Search the Garage Door Area

    The first approach to do when your garage door doesn’t close properly is searching the area.

    Check clearly if the door entry has things that have gotten stuck.

    Check for anything under or on top of the doorknob or safety detectors.

    Also, scan if any falling debris or objects are blocking the door.

    If there is, remove it and try to operate the garage door again to see if it will function now.

    Testing the Security Sensors

    You can now check the security sensors to ensure they are by means clean and aligned correctly.

    Often, the sensors get dirty, especially when the garage is a dusty spot prone to dirt and debris.

    Even a spider’s web can impair a lens – blocking it from functioning correctly.

    Check Out the Wall Frame

    If the mentioned steps don’t work to no avail, you should check the wall frame with the garage door opener.

    Try to keep constant pressure on the interior wall unit until the door hits the garage floor.

    If the door is closed using this method, then the problem is generally with the safety mechanism.

    The electric power circuitry inside the photosensor is sometimes damaged by lightning or shorts out when wet.

    What you can do is clean and re-position these components back.

    You can do this method fast and easy! No professionals are required.

    Make Use of the Manual Release Cable

    The last DIY repair we can recommend is by using the manual release cable.

    It’s attached to the garage door opener, which should discharge the garage door to operate the door by yourself.

    Your opener should have a knob installed on the lower part of the door.

    Consult a Repair Specialist

    Finally, if all else does not work; reach out to an accredited garage door repair specialist.

    There are several tasks that cannot be addressed on your own and will require help from an expert.

    A professional technician can assist you with any garage door difficulties you may have.

    They also offer to maintain your garage door if necessary.

    It is essential to keep in mind that overhead door openers only function as well as the door on its own.

    If it does not shut down manually, the door opener will not operate as well.

    Since garage doors lead straight into our homes, it can be a severe problem when your garage doesn’t close.

    We hope you have a clearer idea of what can occur when your door is stuck or jammed and how to handle these repairs without spending too much.


    To gain a greater understanding of how the garage door and opener work in conjunction, seek assistance from Top Garage Doors’ experts.

    We can handle all sorts of overhead door issues – door won’t open and close, installation of a new door, maintenance, and commercial garage door repairs.

    We are serving the regions in Ajax, Markham, and North York.

    We are ready for you day and night.

    So, contact us now, and let’s repair your garage door issue right away!

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