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    Garage Door Slams Shut

    An overhead door that drops would impact the mechanism itself and be unsafe for the lives of individuals.

    If you have witnessed your garage door slamming, you should have it examined for signs of damage urgently.

    A shutting door is a warning that the garage door’s spring component is fragile, and a replacement with a new one is needed to avoid it.

    Another reason is to repair a slamming garage door by reducing the overhead door opener’s closing tension settings.

    It is only a quick patch, though.

    In this article, we will take you via the process method of changing your door opener’s close-force configuration and how to substitute the overhead door spring, as well as some practical tips to do it safely.

    Now let’s take a good look at why this issue is happening in the first place.

    Reasons Why a Garage Door Slams Shut

    The efficiency of a garage door depends on how you install its door parts to work as intended.

    As the pieces begin to break down, issues with machinery appear, and a smashing overhead door is an example of this.

    Let’s discuss the two causes that might make a garage door slam shut.

    Torn and Outdated Door Springs

    I would say this is one of the primary reasons why they slam shut.

    The spring component is capable of supporting your overhead door’s entire weight.

    They keep the door wide open and hold it in place when it is not in use.

    If these parts are not in the position, the door opener could not carry the garage door’s density.

    The opener provides a movement – push or pull on the overhead door.

    After prolonged usages, the overhead door spring eventually loses its length, elasticity, and compressive strength, which causes this component to break.

    As a result, the garage door could start slamming.

    When you continuously use a spring beyond a specific amount of cycles, it will eventually fail.

    Things couldn’t get much worse than that.

    The Use of High Close Force Adjustment Configurations on Door Openers

    Overhead door opener’s timer configurations are an essential feature.

    The type of force settings a door opener has guaranteed the user control over how much hard work it requires to raise and lower the door successfully.

    Most of the time, the force is adjusted based on how dense the door is, how the door moves in the breeze, and how much it bends normal wear and tear over time.

    If the garage door’s density or the door tracks’ situation is too low, the garage door opener will have ineffective climb or fall capabilities.

    But if the configurations are too high, it can pose significant hazards, and the door will slam shut.

    That’s because the garage door opener is so powerful; it will touch the ground and move the door slowly instead of forcing them with astonishing speed.

    Ways of Avoiding Garage Door from Smashing

    Now that you understand and have a firm grasp of preventing your garage door from smashing, we will look at resolving this issue.

    There are two acceptable methods to repair this:

    The first and perhaps the most efficient way are to replace the garage door springs.

    The second is by accomplishing an adjustment to the force settings of your door’s mechanism.

    The latter is more of a temporary fix.

    If you are unsure how to do these repair techniques, don’t hesitate to call Top Garage Doors’ professionals.

    We are the experts regarding your garage door’s parts and pieces – springs, cables, rollers, hinges, and much more.

    Checking your Garage Door Spring Component

    As we have previously stated, these springs are subject to wear out after a specific range of cycles.

    Apart from the garage door’s excessive movement, a few other diagnoses can alert you if the spring of your door entry is failing.

    Some people are susceptible to danger if these issues will not get fixed immediately, as these springs get weaker with age.

    When any of these symptoms appear, it urges you to have the garage door spring replaced or repaired:

    • The garage door is too dense to move
    • The garage door doesn’t completely open once activated
    • The garage door develops opening or space in the spring

    Replacement of the Garage Door Seal

    When the door is left open for a prolonged period, the garage door seal can become compromised.

    You do not need to do this procedure if you discovered the issue earlier and took corrective action.

    Garage Door Seal – a rubber tube situated at the base of a garage door.

    Through this, your door is securely sealed to the ground, preventing any insects, moisture, water, and parasites from going under the overhead door.

    Here a few tips on how to examine the seal for any symptoms of damage:

    • Thoroughly check the seal for any tears, punctures, or other damage
    • Switch on the lights, move outside of the garage and then close it. If you can see the lights from the bottom of the door, then the seal is not working properly.
    • A smart thing to do is to soak the seal leaving the garage open to allow the water to go inside.
    • Monitor the condition of the garage wall by examining for signs of age, cracks, or discoloration.

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