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    Garage Door Opens By Itself

    Home and business garage doors are a necessary part of security but often undervalued.

    It contributes to your main house’s visual appeal and provides you with additional protection and comfort level.

    Pushing and pulling on the garage door causes more wear and tear than we know.

    The overhead door is often not appreciated until it stops functioning correctly.

    Garages use numerous mechanical frameworks. If any components of the device go wrong, then the whole door ceases to function.

    A leaky garage door is one issue that indicates a malfunctioning garage door opener mechanism.

    Fully automated overhead doors are prone to numerous common defects that you can cure with a little effort.

    The problem is when the door rises and falls by itself or without the use of a spring.

    It can be quite spooky to have the garage door act without any help from you.

    It can be an entryway problem as individuals may gain access to your residence when you’re not at home.

    An overhead door that shuts on its own is also dangerous for young kids and is a severe security issue.

    What is Creating your Garage Door to Open On Its Own?

    There are a few sources you can start searching with this kind of behavior and the possible solutions:

    Ask Those in Your Community

    There is a big chance that there is a wireless system of similar passcode as yours nearby on rare occasions.

    It is an uncommon situation, but it does happen occasionally.

    Since it is so simple to find out, all you need to do is have a neighbor start-up their garage door to check if your garage door will also activate.

    The remedy here is to reset your door opener’s code to a new one, which you can find the instructions in the user’s manual guide.

    Check the Control Wiring System

    The garage door may work all on its own when the small-gauge wire that guides from the opener’s engine device to the remote button mounted on the wall is exposed or shorted.

    All you need to do is for the motor to power up and brush against the metal frame track or another object.

    The electrical signal will activate the motor unit.

    Examine the wiring in each location where you connect the safety switch to the motor device.

    These wires are low-voltage, so no need to pull off the power.

    Observe broken insulation, bare wires, or even nails or other foreign objects penetrating the insulation.

    When this occurs, it is often close to the eye sensor cables, where mice can suckle through and damage the insulation or wires.

    It is simple to replace these tiny metal components.

    You can obtain the wire at any hardware shop or garage door service center, such as Top Garage Doors.

    Inspect the Control Switches

    If the electrical wires or cables appear undamaged, the next step would be to search at your side door’s control switch.

    If the button is messy or old, it may stick.

    The possible cause is an overhead door that opens and closes repetitively, only to begin the same motion or cycle all over again.

    There may be built-in loose wires or missing connections in the main control button housing.

    A replacement of a defective control switch is also another simple fix.

    Possible Electrical Circuit Board Troubles

    If the overhead door raises then overturns by itself, it sounds like a problem with the sensor eyes or the rollers’ binding in their tracks.

    However, if the door began to move down on its own, there might be a problem with the starter or the system’s motor circuit boards.

    Garage door technicians at Top Garage Doors have seen many of these cases already and very much willing to offer a solution for you to avoid the hassle of doing it on your own.

    Handling it on your own may even cause damages to the door parts and eventually to the whole overhead door mechanism.

    Rely on Top Garage Doors for all Repair Needs!

    When your overhead door starts acting weird can cause a lot of trouble in our everyday life.

    When your door unexpectedly opens or closes on its own, and you can’t identify the source, time to give a professional tech a ring right away!

    At Top Garage Doors, we can handle all sorts of issues with your defective overhead doors – garage door restoration, maintenance, installation, and commercial garage door repair.

    Contact us now, and we will make them perform optimally once again!

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