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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    A working garage door is not something that you frequently think about, but it is one of the essential things that we need to consider.

    It’s being used countless times a day, and it’s supposed to work when you click the power button or input your password.

    Pulling the lever on and leaving for school or work is an inevitable daily task that we usually don’t think about.

    But what if it doesn’t operate as expected?

    In case your overhead door begins acting up, in this article, we will provide a guideline for you to go over to upkeep and stay in perfect working condition at all times.

    However, seeking a repair maintenance technician is still recommended for these types of concerns.

    Top Garage Doors is one of the reliable garage door repair providers in the area that can help you no matter what dilemma you may find.


    When you are late for an appointment, the last thing you must do is go home and repair a defective garage door opener.

    To ensure that your overhead door provides flawless operation for many years to come, we suggest the following of these maintenance guidelines:


    One effective way of maintaining your door in an excellent state is to clean it regularly.

    Maintenance is often an overlooked part of preserving it but is quick to complete.

    Taking the time to tidy your garage door thoroughly will enhance its overall longevity and allow you to maintain clear sight of the parts and pieces.


    Garage doors require a strategy for more extensive maintenance, most especially for wooden type of doors.

    Wooden doors get easily damaged and need extra care than overhead metal doors.

    You can also paint over peeled parts and give colored wood a new theme that uplifts your property’s design.

    Wood needs recoating or replacing occasionally, and it should manage by a professional maintenance specialist to do the restoration every few years.


    Maintaining your overhead doors’ components is necessary for their long-lasting performance.

    Ensure that you examine the door’s springs, rollers, and tracks to avoid damage in the coming years.

    • Rollers – A door with disbanded rollers acts like a vehicle with a blown tire – it’s shaky, irregular, and frustrating.

    Inspect the door rollers to know if they’re damaged or scraped.

    They may need to be changed or repaired.

    Sometimes lubricating them is enough to fix the strange sounds.

    • Springs – Door springs are hazardous when they tear, as well as when you conduct do-it-yourself servicing.

    Evaluate both springs (torsion and extension) to determine if they are loose, damaged, or rusty.

    Quickly lubricating bare shafts can rectify some troubles.

    Rubber gets to wear out, but regular care extends the useful lifespan of these parts.

    • Tracks – The overhead track is the path to which the entrance of your home goes.

    Ensuring it is steady is essential in keeping your garage door intact.

    Always check no particles are obstructing the track and that they aren’t breaking or deformed in any way.


    Examining your door’s overall balance is a great way to analyze your garage door device’s condition.

    The procedure for determining the balance in a door includes:

    • Shutting down the door
    • Separating the door from the opener by dragging the release cable (the red one)
    • Doors are working in a perfect state (opening and closing)
    • Open the door midway with one hand, then release. It should remain parallel when hitting the ground.

    If the door misses this test, it’s better to seek assistance from an expert to look at the issue or conduct the required repairs.

    If the door is balanced and secured, reassemble it to the opener by releasing the cord and lever back.


    The value of daily hydration of the door’s parts and pieces is necessary to achieve a well-maintained garage door.

    On metal parts, use a non-silicone lubricating oil such as engine oil, but make sure the wheels and bearings do not come into contact with your door.

    Use a brake wash and a rag for the door track.


    It may sound like a tiresome job to maintain your garage door, but it can and will increase your entire device’s effectiveness and aesthetics.

    A garage door and its components left to rust, oxidize, and fill with debris can have unfavorable effects that significantly impact your security, health, and belongings.

    For optimum efficiency and durability, follow the above methods for inspecting, cleaning, and greasing your garage door equipment.

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