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    Garage Door Making Loud Noises

    There are many ways to access the garage.

    The most common and obvious control devices are the remote control handhelds that you press to open the garage door.

    However, other devices can provide just as much function as these handheld devices.

    You can open the garage via car panel controls installed in the car interiors.

    While not all car makes and models have this, you can always add the device via professional service.

    Another way you can access the garage is by using a keypad.

    Keypads have numerical and functional buttons to input passwords and operate the garage functions manually.

    Keypads make garages extremely convenient and accessible, which causes a lot of hassle when it doesn’t work.

    If you have a garage door keypad not working correctly, you need to book for a repair immediately.

    Waiting for days to fix the problem may worsen the situation, plus you may not be able to access the garage as efficiently.

    We are here to give you some garage door services in town.

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we offer our work to all garage owners.

    Reasons why a keypad doesn’t work

    There are many reasons why the garage door keypad doesn’t work.

    As a garage owner, it’s best to know the most common causes of damage for future prevention.

    Here are some reasons as to why damaged keyboards happen:

    Wiring damage

    The first common cause of keypad damage is broken wires.

    When there are damages to any parts of the wire length, there is less connectivity and electricity that can power the keypad access.

    Damaged wires are hazardous inside the garage.

    It can cause electrical injuries, overheating, power surge accidents, explosions, and the like.

    It’s best to book for a wire inspection and potential replacement.

    Power issues

    When there are power issues in the property, the keypad may not power on.

    Check in with the power service provider in your area.

    If there are damages to your power and electrical systems, then it’s time to ask for professional electricians.

    The problem may not only cause issues inside the garage but also to all parts of the property as well.

    Never overlook power issues as they lead to unexpected and urgent occurrences.

    Old keypad

    Keypads also wear down and show signs of usage over time.

    Check out sunken buttons or stuck buttons in the panel.

    Inspect the LED screen and light indicators in the build.

    If the keypad looks too old to function, then it’s time for a replacement.

    It would be more beneficial to install a new keypad than to book a garage door repair for an old unit.

    Dead batteries

    The problem with the fastest solution is dead batteries.

    Check the keypad for old or empty capacity batteries.

    While keypads connect to wires, other keypads also have battery slots as an additional power source.

    If the batteries are dead, buy replacements.

    To make things easier, buy more spare batteries, so you don’t need to go out in the future.

    Incorrect keypad access pin

    If you input the PIN and it doesn’t work, the problem lies in the software of the keypad.

    Don’t input the PIN again, as you may end up blocking access to the garage for a significantly longer period.

    Reprogram the keypad of the garage by the opener.

    Press the smart button of the opener labeled “LEARN” or “HOME” or “SMART” and clear the current PIN.

    Select a strong PIN you can remember.

    Solutions to a damaged keypad

    If you need to repair a damaged keypad device, it’s best to trust experts.

    After all, keypads are sensitive tools that control access to your garage.

    You wouldn’t want other people to go in and out of your property via malfunctioning and fragile keypad access.

    For this, it’s best to book from professional garage door businesses.

    Find a free schedule and book an appointment with our team

    We are Top Garage Doors, and we are here to offer our services to you.

    If your garage door keypad is not working, give our team a call.

    We can inspect and assess the condition of the keypad and give high-quality services and recommendations for you.

    Our team has experience in fixing all types and brands of garage keypads.

    Keep your garage safe and the keypad access functional.

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    Safety is of paramount importance in any place or household.

    A garage door brings a great deal in keeping our place safe and secured.

    Most homeowners use a garage door as the main entrance to their home since it is heavier and produces louder noise when someone is trying to break in.

    Especially when a garage door is automatic, it uses a keypad to encode passwords before opening it.

    However, there are unexpected incidents when the garage door keypad is not working.

    This happens when there is a bug in the system, it needs new batteries, or the keypad is way too old.

    A faulty keypad can affect your productivity and safety because it can cause malfunctions in opening or closing your garage door.

    Thus, it is necessary to conduct an inspection or garage door repairs to fix the issue.

    Contact Top Garage Doors to assess the problem in your garage door keypad and have it fixed right away.

    Our company is known for its fast and reliable garage door repair services.

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    Common Reasons for Garage Door Keypad Issues

    It is easy to panic and assume that someone hacked your code or something severe happened to the opener’s mechanism.

    However, the common reasons attributed to a broken keypad are seemingly minor issues.

    Yes, there is no need to worry when your door won’t close or open when you press in your code.

    You can follow these troubleshooting steps!

    Replace the battery

    Before concluding that your garage door is facing a major mechanical issue, check the simplest and most possible reason – the batteries.

    A keypad is not like other devices that send strong signals when the battery is getting low.

    Try replacing the old batteries with your back up ones and see if the keypad works.

    Reprogramming the keypad

    Some keypads require reprogramming after changing its battery.

    Others simply stop recognizing the code due to old age and malfunctioning.

    And in some cases, people tend to forget their PIN and accidentally add a temporary one.

    All these scenarios may need to reprogram the code.

    The reprogramming method varies in the opener’s model.

    You should keep your manual’s guide for references.

    Nonetheless, it is highly advisable to consult a professional technician to help you in changing and restarting the keypad.

    Rebooting the system and getting a new key code will surely make your garage door work optimally again.

    Inspect the wires

    The wires can be a reason for faulty keypads.

    Check if there are any signs of frayed wires or loose connections.

    Either way, disengage the opener then separate the wires properly and reconnect them again.

    Try encoding your password and see if the door is responding.

    Clean the buttons

    Have you considered cleaning the buttons of your keypad?

    Usually this step is often neglected but reality is clogged dirt around the buttons can cause malfunctioning.

    Use disinfectant wipes or compressed alcohol spray to remove the dirt thoroughly.

    Be sure not to drenched the keypad with too much liquid for it can cause serious damages.

    Replace your old keypad

    Another obstruction that can cause malfunctioning is way too old keypads.

    It is in the nature of any device to wear down in the long run.

    Besides, years of exposure in different types of weather can expand or shrink the device no matter how it was made.

    A keypad that is over a decade old should be replaced with a brand new one right away to make way for advancement.

    How to Change Keypad Batteries?

    As mentioned, changing the keypad battery is a process that requires full knowledge about the opener’s model and its manual.

    There are several companies that sell garage door opener keypads.

    Thus, each manufacturer has its own design and mechanism for their product.

    The two main garage door opener brands are LiftMaster and Chamberlain Garage Door Opener.

    It is way more simple to replace LiftMaster keypad batteries than Chamberlain because the latter has many types of keypads and each has its own method of removing the battery cover.

    To replace LiftMaster Battery, follow these simple steps!

    1. Slide the cover down located at the bottom part of the keypad.
    2. Remove the batteries and throw them on the hazardous waste recycle bin.
    3. Insert the new 9-volt batteries.
    4. Put the battery cover back on.
    5. Test if the keypad is working.

    Here’s a basic guide on how to change the batteries in the keypad of other brands.

    1. Locate the battery cover by checking the model’s manual.
    2. Once located, remove the cover.
    3. Remove the batteries and dispose them in a recycle bin safely.
    4. Install the new batteries which normally require 9 volts.
    5. Test the keypad’s function.

    Conclusion – Contact Top Garage Doors for Reliable Garage Door Services

    If you are hesitant to change the batteries of your keypad, you can ask for professional technicians for garage door replacement services.

    You can contact us, the Top Garage Doors. 

    We have complete tools and components for all the garage door parts you need.

    You can also have us for reliable garage door repair services.

    If your keypad is not working, we have technicians who are talented and knowledgeable about the different opener brands such as LiftMaster, Genie, and Chamberlain.

    We make sure that before we take action in the process of repairing, we inspect the model and its manual first.

    In this way, we can conduct a smooth and accurate operation.

    You can also have us for emergency repairs because our store is open for 24 hours every day.

    We can conduct prompt garage door repairs in no time!

    You may reach us through call or message.

    Our customer service would be glad to accommodate all of your concerns.

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