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    Commercial Roll Up Door Troubleshooting

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    The most popular form of garage doors in the country today are rolling up garage doors.

    Many homes, as well as commercial spaces, have this type of door.

    That makes perfect sense since roll-up doors are portable, fast to build, and provide sufficient safety and support to keep everything secure in your storage unit.

    Based on the type of material these doors are made from, roll-up doors are easy to navigate and reasonably cheap.

    It is only the initial cost, of course, that seems inexpensive.

    It becomes costly when you factor in a new door cost and all the installation and workforce.

    Types of Roll-Up Doors

    The overhead roll-up doors can be classified into two major types:

    Sectional Roll-up Doors

    These are doors that typically emerge into your driveway ceiling, comprising 4 or 5 equal-size parallel frames.

    The components used are made out of wood, metal, aluminum, and even fiberglass.

    Rolling Steel Doors

    These are the type of doors that face and are opposite to your garage wall.

    The door is made of a large panel coated with some material, such as paint.

    The most massive and long-lasting are rolling up doors made out of steel.

    In comparison, because of its delicate material, fiberglass appears to break instantly.

    We do not recommend using wood for these kinds of doors, as the product is not robust enough and will not withstand long.

    Roll-Up Door Repair and Maintenance

    Roll-up overhead doors need a significant amount of maintenance.

    If you have multiple frame roll-up doors, maintenance and repairs are a little simpler.

    Individual panels can be removed and patched or replaced if the whole board needs fixing.

    Doors made of fiberglass or steel can be costly and difficult to manage, but they do not need the kind of extensive maintenance that the wooden doors require. .

    The whole door replacement will be necessary if there is severe damage that can’t be repaired at all.

    Wooden overhead doors can also deform; tossing the roll-up system off and creating an inconsistent door won’t work.

    A new door entry is required to prevent more damage to the roll-up mechanism.

    Steel doors are costly, pricier than fiberglass, and can charge quite a bit to substitute them if destroyed.

    New commercial building builders also use metal insulated garage doors.

    So when purchasing a lot or building for your business, you must consider that you will require to replace the roll-up doors earlier than you expect.

    Installation of Roll-Up Doors

    Roll-up overhead doors can be complicated and costly to install.

    That’s because to get the device configured correctly; it takes several people to do the task.

    Bear in mind that while rolling up doors can seem an inexpensive option, they only seem affordable when considering the essential cost.

    For accurate pricing, seek assistance from a credible roll-up door installation and repair provider such as Top Garage Doors.

    Roll-up garage doors can seem to be the best bargain and a good match for your budget.

    However, when you realize the extended costs, it may not be acceptable to go for this garage door type.

    If you are unsure what type of overhead door is right for your commercial building, you can discuss this with a licensed garage door roll-up technician.

    We will inform you precisely at Top Garage Doors how much you should spend and what maintenance and repair you should expect to manage this type of door.

    Anyway, we don’t want you spending much, especially if your business is starting up and wants to save a few dollars for this.


    Roll-up overhead doors are a perfect option, usually for any climate.

    They are designed to last a generation, provided that you maintain them well.

    A qualified garage repair center will help you pick the right configuration of the door for you, and you’re all set!

    In Ajax and Pickering, Top Garage Doors is honest and reliable when dealing with rolling-up door types. You will never go wrong with us.

    We are reasonable and trustworthy, and every part of the process ensures that you are satisfied with our repair solutions.

    You can always rely on operating efficiency at a reasonable cost with our quality of work.

    Consult any of our workers today, and we will be happy to discuss your options for your new roll-up overhead door!

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