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    Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

    Industrial office buildings involve massive garage doors to secure their goods and equipment stored within – warehouses, car parks, and processing facilities are some of the examples.

    You should maintain overhead doors periodically to ensure optimum performance and smooth operation.

    Incompetent, obsolete, or defective commercial garage doors will dramatically impact your company’s competitiveness, resulting in losses and shrinking profit.

    Why Choose Top Garage Doors for your Commercial Door Repairs

    Contact us anytime if you request regular maintenance services and repairs.

    Regular care will mitigate expensive repairs and even more costly upgrades.

    It’s quite often possible to prevent costly commercial door major repairs by conducting a proper regular inspection.

    A large number of damages, however, are caused by a lack of routine maintenance.

    The experienced and trained professionals at Top Garage Doors will be servicing all your needs wherever you are in the region.

    We have already assisted our clients in different areas – Markham, North York, Scarborough, Pickering, and Ajax.

    We’ve assisted thousands of residential and commercial owners with all their overhead door needs, and we are always on standby ready to support you.

    In choosing the perfect garage door repair facility, you might consider these things:

    • We offer local support – Over the years, we are the only overhead door business in the region with thousands of happy, satisfied, and loyal clients. With a 24/7 emergency response team available for you.
    • Reliable maintenance and repair facility – We build to minimize maintenance costs by regularly scheduled garage door service by reducing redundant and costly breakdowns. The usual procedure that we do is adjusting, greasing, modifying, and inspecting. Recommendations for repairs are then made to require putting your equipment in an excellent working state.
    • Quick response to service request – We have fully equipped warehouses for all the latest tools and materials we use to support your repair needs. We offer same-day service for all the areas that we cover. So you can guarantee that we will action your concern instantly.
    • 24/7 emergency response team – We are readily accessible to serve you any time of the day for all your job requests.

    Most Common Issues for Commercial Garage Doors

    We provide exceptional overhead door repair solutions at Top Garage Doors to companies in our servicing regions, guaranteeing that your operation won’t compromise in any way.

    Industrial garage doors may become unreliable and incur failure due to improper usage.

    Here are a couple of common issues your commercial garage door might have:

    Broken Rollers or Bearings

    Commercial doors have more rollers or bearings than a private garage door because of their massive dimension.

    They can rust out and catch dirt and grime with occasional wear and tear, affecting their overall functionality.

    Inappropriate Alignment

    In business garage doors, metal tracks allow movement, and if these tracks slip out of sync or get broken, they can disrupt the closing or opening.

    You may require changing the tracks or fully replacing them.

    Defective Motors

    To raise and lower the door gates, most commercial garages are automatic and have motors to power the cords.

    Because of excessive usage, the engine will wear out or get fried.

    Replace or repair them to restore the functionality of your garage door.

    Experts in Servicing Commercial Garage Door Repairs

    You expect your commercial garage doors to work correctly at all times, whether you are a little automotive repair center, a large manufacturing company, or a busy fulfillment center with trailers loading and unloading shipments 24/7.

    It would be best to have them fixed as quickly as possible by an experienced technician from Top Garage Doors to guarantee their performance effectiveness.

    We have an emergency, same-day repair service for our clients, where we prioritize your company and show up at your site as early as possible.

    Our specialists have years of professional experience and understand how any component, whether wheels, brackets, bolts, rollers, wires, or engines, can be repaired or replaced.

    We’re here at the Top Garage Doors to accommodate you at any time.

    Our highly skilled experts can meet all your repair requirements, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Our polite and welcoming staff is delighted to help whenever you want to.

    So, give us a call now and experience our top-notch services!

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