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YOU always come first

We at Top Garage Doors provide all garage door related services to the Markham, North York, Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax. We’re a local company with a difference: our customers always come first.

Some things just can’t wait

We offer a very fast response rate to all our callouts, we believe that a garage door is as important as the front door to your home. Some things just can’t wait, and that’s why we make it our business to get to you FAST!

premium service ≠ premium price

We firmly believe that premium service doesn’t have to come at a premium price. We set out to provide exceptional maintenance services alongside exceptional customer service.

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Our Services

Top Garage Doors offers high quality garage door repair and installation services throughout Markham, North York, Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax.
Our repair technicians are equip with the latest tools and knowledge to tackle any problem.

A motor that isn’t working as it should can be frustrating. We’ve seen hundreds of these and know exactly what to look for.

A warehouse is absolutely essential for some businesses to function properly. Productivity and profitability can be affected without it running smoothly. Give us a call and we’ll be right out.

We don’t just provide residential properties with our services, commercial is a huge part of our business too!

What good is a garage door if it doesn’t open? Don’t leave it any longer, get your garage back!

A seemingly simple problem that is quick to fix – if you know what you’re doing. We do.

A potentially hazardous repair that should only be attempted by a professional. We’ll take care of it.

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    Top of the line garage door services

    We cover a huge radius including: Markham, North York, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax. It doesn’t matter where you are, we’ll get there quickly.

    We don’t use old rusty tools. We make sure our engineers are equipped with all the modern technology that ensures the job is done to the highest standard.

    We love what we do. Garage door repair and maintenance has been our craft for many years. All of the engineers are trained meticulously, and it shows.

    We know time is valuable and we always aim to get our work done the very same day. We don’t just do it fast either, we do it well.


    Fantastic! Well deserving of 5 stars. Called these guys on a Tuesday night after 5 PM and they had someone out to the house the next morning a little after 7 AM.
    Patricia G


    I wanted to take just a moment to sincerely thank you for the excellent work on my home s garage doors. You not only repaired and adjusted my attempts to install an opener for our 3rd stall. You were able to significantly quiet down the main door underneath our daughter s bedroom a much-appreciated improvement. In addition, you were able to solve a complex electrical problem with the Mother Board on one of the units.
    Jimy Hopper


    I’m very pleased with Top Garage Doors. My garage door jammed and the repairman came right away. Luckily it was a simple problem and he fixed it quickly. The price was fair and there was no up selling. Honest work!
    Dan Tucker


    Top Garage Door

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    who we are

    We started our company with a difference in mind: quality, fast, efficient service with our number one priority being our customer service.

    Everyday, at every callout we receive, we make it our mission to see our customers happy. We provide garage door maintenance and repair services at an affordable price  without sacrificing quality.

    At Top Garage Doors, we have decades of combined experience from our friendly phone team right through to our fitters. We’re locally owned and love to help our community on a day-to-day basis.

    If there’s anything we can do to help your home or business, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you.

    Why Top Garage Doors?

    Garage doors play an essential role in the safety of our home.

    If you’re looking for the top garage doors repair and installation in Ajax, check us out at Top Garage Doors, as we offer such services at the highest possible quality.

    We know that because we use them several times a day, we are putting a lot of stress on our garage doors.

    The repetitive opening and closing put a lot of strain on them, much more than we realized.

    There is a whole system that comes with our doors. 

    Thus, when one part of the system fails to do its job, it can affect the whole system.

    It might even result in a total garage door replacement when left unattended, which may be as daunting and expensive as having them initially installed.

    Below are some common problems and simple tips on garage door repair that might just help solve the problem for you!

    Random and unusual noise

    Garage doors are supposedly smooth when it comes to operation.

    Thus, if you ever hear some random and unusual noise coming from your garage door, there must be something wrong.

    Generally, hearing sounds that seemingly come from nowhere is probably a sign that some parts of your garage doors are pressing against each other.

    If it sounds like squeaking, grinding, or creaking, it is safe to assume that your garage door’s movable parts need some lubrication.

    You may resort to the good old garage door spray lube or some trusty silicon-based lubricant to address this issue.

    Simply apply them generously on the squeaky part, then you are good to go!

    If it does not solve that, it might be your rollers or cables causing the noise.

    Old rollers and cables can also become the source of unusual noise on your garage doors.

    The best way to solve this issue is just to replace them with a new one.

    Replacing them with a new one reduces the risk of the rollers or cables eventually breaking during operation, which can definitely cause more damage and cost.

    If it is a loud bang, then you must have a broken spring.

    If this happens, it might be best to contact us at Top Garage Doors and let us fix them for you.

    Uneven movements

    Your garage doors are supposed to operate in a balanced way.

    Thus, if you see them quivering from left to right, making them look like they are dancing a shimmy every time you open or close them, there must be something wrong.

    This can be caused by something blocking the tracks, which can be anything under the sun.

    Some particles like dust can build-up between tracks and cause blockage. 

    It is best to check the tracks to find any obstructions then promptly remove them.

    You can also take this as an opportunity to clean the tracks.

    If it does not solve the problem, it could be the spring system malfunctioning.

    It can either be the extension spring or torsion spring that is producing either too much or too little tension.

    In this case, call up a professional to resolve this garage door issue.

    Rust build-up

    Prolonged exposure to air and water makes iron prone to rust formation.

    Rust compromises your garage doors’ aesthetic as well as functionality.

    You can solve this by merely washing the rusted area with dishwashing soap.

    After that, rub the area with vinegar-soaked linen. 

    Believe it or not, but applying vinegar is a natural way of getting rid of rust.

    Next, you should sand the rusted part with any available sandpaper.

    Sanding the rusted part smooths the area as well rids any lingering rust.

    Lastly, apply a primer coat, then paint it with colors of your choice.

    However, it is crucial to note that before you alter your garage door’s appearance by painting them, make sure that doing so does not nullify your warranty.

    Closes too fast

    Your garage door serves as a protection for people and possessions.

    They include safety features such as sensors to react to anything that blocks its path and make sure that they close slowly but surely.

    However, some parts of your garage door become ragged and worn with time and consistent use.

    When left unnoticed, it poses an immediate danger to you and your family, even to your pets.

    The sudden closing of your garage doors may be caused by a broken or snapped spring.

    It compromises the doors’ sensors’ ability to react to any object in its way, making it immediately clamming shut.

    If this is the problem, you may need to contact us immediately to avoid any accidents or injury.

    Contact Top Garage Doors for Assistance

    Here at Top Garage Doors, we offer the best garage door installation, repair, and replacement for such an affordable price.

    We value our customer safety and satisfaction by striving to be the top garage doors repair and installation in the industry. 

    We also offer garage door installation in Pickering, in Scarborough, in North York, and in Markham.

    For garage door repair in Ajax, contact us now!